A nurse at a Narok Hospital is gaining plaudits for defying a directive to keep off work as the medics strike continues to bite.

Nurses and doctors have in the past week been out in the streets demanding a better pay.

However, nurse Ann Rose Wanjiku has been reporting to the Narok County Hospital on a daily basis, attending to the patients the only way she can – through prayer.

Wanjiku has been moving from ward to ward of the county hospital speaking to the unattended patients and giving them hope.

Patients who spoke to a local daily said Wanjiku’s prayers keeps them going as they wait for doctors to return to work and treat them.

One of the patients, Mercy Sima, 33 said the nurse visits her every day since she was admitted a week ago with chest pains.

Wanjiku, who has been a nurse for 32 years said that she cannot stand seeing sick patients lie in pain with no one to assist them.

“When I pray for them, I feel relieved. Had I been official duty, I could have attended to them or get someone to assist them but the best I can do now is pray for them,” said Wanjiku.

Wanjiku added that her dedication to patients was greatly increased after she fell ill last year.

She said after the pain she went through, she promised God to always carry out her job professionally and always help those who are struggling in hospital despite the low pay.