Iconic 90s soft drink, Softa, could soon go into complete oblivion following businessman Peter Kuguru’s decision to shut down his soda manufacturing plant.

After two decades in operation, Mr Kuguru, has finally thrown in the towel and put up the plant for sale after high cost of operations and lack of capital made the business unsustainable.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Mr Kuguru said efforts to get a strategic partner to invest in the business hit a brick wall.

“Many of the people we talked to are asking us to re invest 60 percent and they come with 40 percent. But we don’t want to invest again as a company and as a family. We are looking for someone to come in with more capital that can bring in more business that makes an investment return that makes sense,” he said.

The business required at least Sh500 Million to stay afloat.

Mr Kugura faulted the government for lack of support to local industries.

“When you’re competing with a multinational who gets advantage for cheaper money to run his business, I cannot be able to compete. Many countries cannot allow local industries to close, that what Trump (US President elect Donald Trump) is talking about in America,” Mr Kuguru said.

Softa, which begun operations in the 90s was a fan favorite especially with its captivating banner of ‘Freedom of Choice’.

At is peak, the industrial area plant could produce 20 thousand crates of soda per hour. It offered an alternative to a market dominated by US soft drink giant Coca Cola.