barakahIt seems that Tanzanians are ganging up against Eric Omondi.

Just last week, Tz comedian Steve Nyerere blasted the Kenyan comedian saying he lacks originality. Speaking on EATV’s eNewz, Nyerere said he is yet to see any outstanding piece of comedy done by Eric Omondi.

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Now, Tanzanian singer Barakah The Prince has joined in the furor among internet users over Eric Omondi’s latest comedy stunt. Eric did a video parody of popular Sauti Sol jam ‘Kuliko Jana’ in which he plays the character of the thief who was crucified alongside Jesus.


According to Barakah, Omondi’s stunt is disrespectful to Christians. He further advices the comedian to find another job as he has run out of jokes.

“When people no longer find your jokes funny, you better look for something else to do instead of resorting to stunts like this person (Eric Omondi) whom I don’t even know his name. He has disrespected all Christians. You (Eric Omondi) better find another job because you have run out of jokes to sustain your career as a comedian. This man (Omondi) has ruined my day (after I saw a photo of him on the cross). Be thankful that Christians are less aggressive. If you had done this to Muslims, you’d have been used as an example (of what one should not do to disrespect religion),” Barakah The Prince wrote on Instagram.