Kirinyaga HQ under construction at Kutus

The process of committing huge monies in our county governments is a joke. We’ve suspected it for a while and now we have proof.

In Kirinyaga, a Sh380 million building may be left with no occupant after it was built in the wrong town… literally.

On Wednesday, Kerugoya Law Courts ruled that Kerugoya Town is the official county headquarters and not Kutus which the governor has been championing.

7 Kerugoya residents had filed a petition challenging the legality of a gazette notice naming Kirinyaga Town as the county headquarters. The petition was filed by seven residents including Wilson Kinyua, Lydia Wanjiku, Jesse Warui, Peter Karanja, Jeremiah Makimi, Jeremiah Gateri and Njagi Wamuthinji at the Kerugoya High Court, with the Kirinyaga County Government and six other people requesting to be enjoined in the case as interested parties.

Justice Limo ruled that the case had no merit and ordered the petitioners to pay the cost.

Despite the gazette notice stating clearly that Kerugoya is the county HQ, Governor Joseph Ndathi had already spent Sh380 million building a fancy headquarters in the wrong town – Kutus.

But from the guy who did this, I’m not sure we should have expected much from him.

Governor Ndathi cuts the ribbon to open a highway

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Whether Ndathi will respect the rule of law or show the courts the middle finger.

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