bobFor many years, Safaricom subscribers have complained that their airtime keep ‘disappearing’. The mobile service provider often cites background phone activities consuming huge data, but that argument has never convinced everyone.

It turns out there was a real reason to worry. A particular ‘Premium Rate Service’ by the name Cheza Games has been subscribing people without their knowledge. A few weeks ago, some people found out and took up the issue with Safaricom. Bob Collymore promised action.

Starting this past Saturday, Safaricom has been refunding airtime to anyone who was subscribed to Cheza without their knowledge. The process will take one week, and if you happen to be one of those people but have not received any money yet, give it a few more days.


Many people have taken to social media to post screenshots of their refunds, some of which are in the thousands. While getting some unexpected cash from Safaricom is obviously a pleasant feeling, it is believed the Cheza ads were almost exclusively placed as pop ups in mobile porn sites. Therefore, if you are a bit sensitive about your porn habits, perhaps posting a screenshot of your refund for your family to see is not the best idea.

But these guys did not get the memo.





Dial *100*5# to find out if you are subscribed to any premium service.