tudundeNonini is back with a fresh new music video produced by ProHabo/BigIdeas and Directed by Willie Owusu.

In 2015 Nonini teamed up with Beat Ya Keggah from Boston and gave you ‘Mbele.’ Today they present ‘Tudunde’ featuring Didge.

“TUDUNDE” is off the album (MgengeTrue) mixed and mastered by Musyoka! In this track, Nonini has done a follow-up of the classic track ‘Genge Love’ which was all about the ladies. This time round he blends with the king of Swahili R&B Didge Soul who describes his style as “Real realness” in any situation- no hype, just the way it is.

“It is life in poetry, soul and colors – saying what you mean and meaning what you say…” says Didge.

The vocal prowess on this new track  just goes to show that Didge still has it and his comeback is taking shape.

Watch below: