helaFormer Grandpa vice-president and record producer Visita has cited mistreatment at the record label as the reason for his departure.

“When I left Grandpa, I did not have a Plan B. It was a messed-up situation; it was not accommodating at all. I realised that we, artistes, were struggling only for the owner to reap the benefits. Something had to give. So I left,” he said.

Visita also clarified on claims that he founded his own record label, Hela Records.

“We are setting things up, nothing is concrete yet. But we shall continue making music from anywhere, be it Pacho or any other studio,” said the artiste.

And to prove his naysayers wrong that he can still come out on top with or without Grandpa, the rapper has reunited with former Grandpa signed artist KenRazy and Sosuun in a new jam dubbed ‘Toroka.’

The jam has been produced by Visita.

Watch the lyric video below: