citi2After much hype, Black Friday is here.

The tradition started in the 1930s in the United States, and for obvious reasons involved offline shopping. Retailers began giving massive discounts on most of their products on the day after Thanksgiving.

For many years, this tradition did not spread to the rest of the world. This would have remained the case were it not for online shopping. In fact, Black Friday was introduced in the UK by Amazon just 6 years ago in 2010. That mostly went unnoticed until 2013 when more retailers introduced their own offers.

Here in Kenya, we’re probably in our second year of a proper Black Friday.

Just like the rest of the world outside America, it is online retailers leading the way. Actually, virtually all physical supermarkets have ignored the frenzy.

Obviously a lot of offers have been thrown your way. Out of the kindness of our hearts, we went looking for the best offers so you can have the best deal.

When we talk of huge discounts, it’s hard to ignore The site has been having easily the lowest prices on most products.

Today being the big day, their prices are even lower.

How low? Well, at exactly 12 noon, a 49 inch TV will go on sale for Sh 19,999.

At exactly 1 pm, a 32 inch TV will go on sale for Sh 9,999; At 3 pm, a double door fridge will be on sale for Sh 10,999.


There are massive discounts on Smartphones too. Prices are from 3,999.

Check out Smartphone category.

They also have a very vibrant electronics department. Some stuff have been discounted to almost half price.

There are many things you don’t even know you need, but might just make the purchase because they’re dirt cheap. Like this Bluetooth speaker for example.


Or maybe this power bank.


Black Friday conveniently falls just a few weeks before the holidays… a time when we all add one or two things to our wardrobes.

Also, we happen to be in a very cold season. The weather is unbearable and it’s paramount that we dress warm. Maybe even look stylish while at it. got you covered with their fashion department.


There is much more on offer, and it would be very unwise to let this one pass you.

What sets Citimarket apart is the free shipping. You can be assured that the indicated price is what you’ll actually end up paying.