feroThe weekend is here and you probably have big plans… after all, the year is coming to an end.

If you are the kind that keeps losing mobile phones especially when you go clubbing, you definitely should get a cheaper phone to act as the ‘sacrificial lamb’. Your first instinct may be to buy a mulika mwizi, but now I’m saying you don’t have to.

Citimarket.com is selling a beautiful android phone with superior features at only 999 bob.

Why that cheap? Well, it’s the holiday season and today marks exactly one week before Black Friday. This is just sneak preview of the kind of offers they’ll have next week.

The phone in question is Fero A4001, a relatively new entrant into the local market. The price has been reduced from Sh4000 to under just under a thousand bob.

It comes packed with a quad core processor, dual sim and 32 gb of storage. In terms of features, it trumps everything else in its normal price range.


You can choose to have it as your main phone or a side phone.

But with such a great offer comes great demand. Citimarket.com will be selling on a first-come first-served basis, from exactly 12 noon. 

I would suggest opening that particular page and hanging around from a few minutes before then. Also, don’t be the guy who learns of some great offers and keeps them to himself/herself. True friends will be known this Black Friday.

Head over to Citimarket.com right now.