twSiamese twins born two years ago in Meru have been separated successfully by sixty Kenyatta National Hospital specialists.

The 23 hour operation is the first in Kenya and  sub-Saharan Africa.

The sarcophagus twins born at St Theresa’s Mission Hospital in Meru were joined at the sacral region of the lower spine.

Fred Kabuni, Head of pediatric surgery said on Wednesday that the main aim of the procedure was to separate the babies, close their wounds and create stomachs for them.

“I am very proud of my team. The journey had been long but successful,” he said, adding “The twins will be checked after one month.”

Mr. Kibuni said they will undergo four more reconstructive surgeries after their wounds heal.

He added that they had to wait two years to perform the surgery to allow for the development of key organs, and muscle strong enough for surgery.

The twins – Blessing and Favour – were delivered by Caroline Mukiri, 26, from Kithoka village on September 3rd 2014. They weighed five kilos.

They are recovering at the hospital’s intensive care unit.