Linus Tech Tips: Net Worth – $1.5 million

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth
Real Name: Linus Sebastian Subscribers: 3.2m+
Birth Place: Vancouver, Canada Channel Type: Technology
Date of Birth: August 20, 1986 Marital Status: Married (Yvonne Ho)
Nationality: Canadian Height: 5’6
Occupation: YouTuber Weight: 

Linus Tech Tips is one of the most popular technology channels on YouTube. It has everything from unboxing videos to gadget reviews, to actual tech tips. The channel is one of three under the Linus Media Group, a company founded and headed by Linus Sebastian.

Linus founded the company in January 2013 after experiencing some success on YouTube. Two new channels were created in the process; Techquickie (1.1m+ subscribers) and ChannelSuperFun (40k+ subscribers).

The media company also owns and runs a successful tech forum,

One of Linus’ videos.

How Much Does Linus Tech Tips Make on YouTube

Unlike many YouTubers, Linus Sebastian has converted his hobby/passion into a real business and not just a source of income. He has partners, staff, an office and has actively tried to diversify.

In 2015, Linus Media Group moved from a residential address in Vancouver into a commercial office space. Linus and his partners established a sales department to supplement the direct YouTube/Adsense income. As a result, most of his videos now have a sponsor.

Calculating his estimated YouTube earnings is the easier part compared to estimating income from his other projects.

According to Socialbladethese are his average daily views across all videos.

LinusTechTip – 1,100,000
Techquickie – 180,000
ChannelSuperFun – 50,000

Therefore, his total average daily views is 1.3 million.

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

His videos are mostly under 10 minutes long, translating to a low payout of between $1 and $3 for every 1000 views (CPM).

However, not every view is monetized. Depending on the category, that figure may go down to about 50%. In the tech category, users are generally more aware about ad-blocking tools and hence this low percentage.

That puts Linus Sebastian’s monetized views to about 0.65 million…. Let’s just say 700,000 views daily.

If we give him the highest CPM of $3, that would translate to $2100 a day. That’s $63,000 a month. Because he also runs advertisers’ messages inside the video (not affected by adblockers) and shares Amazon affiliate links, Linus potentially doubles this figure. That would put his earnings at $126,000 a month.

There are many unknowns, so let’s just say $100,000 a month.

That looks like a lot of money, but remember he is running a company that needs to pay salaries plus other overhead costs. After expenses, let’s give it a very generous profit of 50%. That means Linus Media Group makes a profit $50,000 a month.

To calculate its worth, we’ll multiply this number by 20 (applies to most web properties). That puts its value at $1 million.

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

Obviously because it’s a company (a tech company in this case), the valuation is not always based on assets and liabilities. There’s usually a lot of consideration on future potential for growth. That explains why a loss-making start up can be sold for over a billion dollars.

That, plus also the multiple unknowns in terms of what they actually charge independent advertisers, we can range Linus Media Group net worth at between $1 and $3.

The company had 4 co-founders, whose ownership % is unknown.

Linus seems to be the main partner, so we’ll assume he got the lion’s share. Let’s say 50%.

Using all this information, we can have a rough estimate on Linus Sebastian’s net worth. Therefore…

Linus Tech Tips net worth is $1.5 million