gerald1Renowned actor Gerald Langiri is the newest celebrity dad in the countyr.

The Award winning thespaian and wife, Lyne Jumba welcomed their bundle of joy on 28th October 2016 in the afternoon at the Parklands Avenue hospital.

The delivery of the boy, Travis Jumba Langiri, weighing at 3.8 kgs, however, came with a bit of a scare.

In a social media post, the ‘House of Lungula’ actor revealed that an emergecy Caesarean section had to be carried out after a scan revealed that the umbilical cord was around young Travis’ neck.

After the successful surgery, the baby was rushed to the nursery as he had trouble breathing.

This was Langiri’s post:

“He came. He finally came. 28th October 2016 12:57pm and weighing 3.8kgs, Travis Jumba Langiri was born.

Bae (turned Mae) and baby are now both fine. I say now because there was a bit of a scare when scans revealed the umbilical cord was around the babys neck and therefore an emergency CS had to be done.The surgery was sucessful and the baby was rushed to the nursery…only to be put an oxygen mask because he wasn’t breathing quite well. He stayed on the oxygen mask overnight and today we are happy to announce that he is out of the mask and breathing independently …and oh yeah…he just took his 1st poop..some green slimy shit…and is also sucking on that breast (milk) like a father like son..All the worries are finally gone…Bae is a damn strong woman.Super proud of her..Omundu strong vhane ??.And to the wonderful very nice doctors and nurses at #AvenueHospital you are heroes…TO PARENTHOOD….I’ll drink to that…i’ll def drink to that.

And yes, we are accepting presents.

And he shares a birthday with my older sister too.”

Check out Travis below: