Jackline Kiraithe, who was killed by tractor on Tuesday at MMU

A student at Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU) was on Tuesday, November 1, killed in an accident involving a construction site tractor in the university’s main campus compound.

Jackline Kiraithe, daughter of one of the institution’s employee, was knocked down by a fork lift tractor which had been loaded with construction material preventing the operator from seeing her.

According to sources, Ms Kiraithe had her earphones in when the accident occured and thus could not hear the tractor approaching.

The Fourth year student was also pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Greenwich University.

A student leader said the operator of the tractor surrendered himself to the university security as the Ms Kiraithe called her dad amidst pain.

She was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital (Rongai) where she was referred to the main hospital in Hurlingham.

Ms Kiraithe, however, succumbed to her injuries.

The tractor operator was arrested. Another operator who drove the forklift from the scene was held for tampering with evidence as investigations continue.