Against all odds, Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.

Virtually all polls heading into the election had Democrat Hillary Clinton ahead, but it appears the numbers were horribly wrong.

Trump led the electoral college map throughout the night and at around 7:30am Kenyan time, he was declared winner in Florida – probably the most important state in this election. With this he increased his tally by 29 electoral votes.

Trump also carried the swing states of Ohio and North Carolina, before the battle shifting to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. These were a must-win for Clinton as they came with 36 electoral votes, but she lost them.

It was an anxious night for Hillary’s supporters and campaign staff as they watched the healthy lead that had been predicted by opinion polls evaporate as soon as the counting started.

At about 10:30am CNN called Wisconsin for Trump, which was one of the remaining states according to Associated Press projections.

The final tally is still pending, but Trump has now crossed the 270 mark needed to become President of the United States.


10:40am EAT: Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump and congratulated him on his election.

10:45am EAT: Vice President-elect Mike Pence gives his acceptance speech and welcomes Donald Trump.

10:50am EAT: Trump gives his acceptance speech