delThe big day is here. After weeks of hyping, Black Friday is only a few hours away and every retailer is getting ready for you.

A little background. Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving in the US. With the advent of online shopping, the rest of the world adopted this ‘holiday’.

Kenya has only recently gotten into the bandwagon, and last year was probably the first year it was marked with widespread fanfare. This year however, everyone is all psyched up and the shoppers too seem to have their pockets ready. Various retailers have been having pre-sale offers, and from some of the early figures we’ve laid our hands on, this year is going to break all records.

If you’re yet to make your purchase, don’t worry, the big day is tomorrow.

Unlike other online retailers, has embraced this day and their discounts are simply unprecedented.

Some of the biggest movers are clothes. In the short span that online shopping has been around in this country, Kenyans have become extremely comfortable buying clothes online, and there’s supporting data.


Citimarket is trying to stretch the limits this Black Friday by selling them at next to nothing.

Check out their fashion categories:

Men’s fashion
Women’s fashion

The other equally popular category in online shopping is electronics.

Chances are you have bought a phone/laptop/power bank etc. online, or have interacted with someone who has. One of the biggest advantage of this is that you are assured whatever you are buying is genuine. You don’t find ‘SamSuung’ and ‘NokLa’ online.

Also, you can be able to browse through different phones without constant pestering by the vendor as is the case in Nairobi streets. There are also many phones found exclusively online. Finally and most importantly, it is dirt cheap.


The offers on Citimarket this Black Friday on stuff like laptops and phones are just astounding. You can’t afford to miss this.

Citimarket has every category represented. Remember it’s the only site that is selling liquor. 

It’s also the only site (and this is big) that is offering free countrywide delivery.

Now what excuse do you have? Don’t let another Black Friday pass you.