vrYou’ve probably heard a lot about virtual reality but have not had a chance to experience it.

Virtual Reality lets you experience immersive entertainment like never before. Basically, you get a imax-like experience right in your living room.

One 3D movie ticket can cost upwards of Sh1000. That means it is a luxury for many Kenyans and those who actually step inside movie theaters do so only once in a while.

The theater experience cannot be easily replicated at home. For instance, you might have a 3D TV in your house but there’s no way it will be 22 metres in length.

A virtual reality headset lets you replicate this theater experience without spending an arm and a leg. That simple box ‘tricks’ your eyes into seeing the movie in a screen same size or larger than theater screens.

This VR Box available on Kilimall for Sh1,516.vr1



You can even get a real theater experience by having virtual movie seats, an audience and popcorn by your side. This VR technology is made possible by different invention in the industry, among them motion tracking. That means that even if you turn your head, the virtual screen will remain in position. The same as having your TV in one fixed position in the room.

For you to have this unreal experience right in your sitting room, the only investment you need is the virtual reality box, plus an android or iPhone.

People fear that their phones will not work, but let me emphasize that any android phone will work. Whether you bought it for Sh5000 or Sh50,000. All you need is to open the play store and download a VR video player.

Next you’ll need the actual movie. These you can get from your usual place, but instead of buying in disks, have them loaded on your sd card.

Most VR boxes, like the one pictured above available on Kilimall for only Sh1,516, come with an adjustable phone deck, which will hold the smallest or the biggest phone tightly into position.

Don’t be mistaken… Virtual Reality is not just movies. There are many games and applications on Play Store. Some like ‘Solar Voyager’ will literally immerse you into the solar system. As you walk around, you see the planets, moons etc. It’s not only educational but fun.

One of my favourite games is the VR Roller Coaster. I have personally seen at least two people puke after only a few seconds playing it… definitely tells them they should stay away from a real roller coaster.

Watch this clip. (When you put on your VR headset, you see a single view, not the double box view)

By now you’re probably wondering where has VR been all my life.

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Kilimall will deliver the VR Box to you within 3 days (1 day in Nairobi), and the good thing is you pay cash on delivery.

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