I bet you’re flexing your pockets getting ready for Black Friday. This special day is the ‘Christmas for shoppers’ and online sales this year are expected to beat all records.

Everything has been discounted, from fashion to electronics to kitchen tools… you can’t afford to miss this.

Black Friday may be a few days away, but retailers cannot wait. The whole of this week, you’ve probably been flooded by Pre-Black Friday offers all over.

Being the good people that we are, we are on the look out for the best deals around, informing you the reader free of charge on what you should consider buying.

Today, Citimarket.com is back with some irresistible deals.

They have a 32 inch full HD TV that is going for only Sh14,999. That is by far the cheapest price I’ve seen anywhere, and trust me, I’ve looked.

This TV comes with a USB port, meaning you are now ready to move past the DVD era.


Mobile phones have also been heavily discounted. They are usually the most sought product around this time, and Citimarket is ready for you.


There’s a wide array of devices starting from Sh3,999. The Fero brand that has just recently entered the local market is well represented with some really powerful ones with incredible features for under Sh10,000.

Check out the mobile phone section.

Then of course there’s everyone’s favourite section. The fashion department.

Black Friday comes with the added advantage of being right before the holiday season. This is the time everyone adds something new to their wardrobe, and you would be wise to take advantage of the low prices now.


Citimarket are running huge discounts on men, women, kids and basically all fashion. Some of the offers there are just incredible.

Check out their apparel section