If you are reading this, you are probably a culprit.

Over Christmas, we city boys and girls like visiting upcountry pretending to have been sent from heaven. Often wearing brand new clothes and pretending we don’t want our shoes getting dirty

We look down on the rural folks who despite their best effort to look good on that big day still fall short. One man in Kitale has written a sarcastic Facebook post that has gone viral.

He is seen harvesting some maize, which he says is for the town folks who will be visiting soon, after ignoring his calls the whole year.

”I was busy over the weekend preparing food for our sons who are in Nairobi- who refuse to pick our calls thinking we want money. When they land in December in hired cars, dangling bottled water, walking in air and avoiding mother tongue, I want them to get enough food, eat and carry more to the city.”