lolaLola Hannigan is not only a stunning beauty but also prides herself in having impeccable style and fashion sense.

She is a TV presenter, an actress and doubles up as an international runway and commercial model known for taking on the runway at Strut it Africa in 2012.

She spoke to MediaMax about her style, her swimsuit line and what she finds stylish in a man.

Describe your style in one word?

My style is classy.

A celebrity wardrobe you would raid if given an opportunity?

I would go for Kim Kardashian West’s closet, but just a bit of it because some of her outfits are a bit over the top. I will then blend hers with mine.

What fashion accessory do you splurge on?

Heels. I have over 60 pairs yet I haven’t even counted my flat shoes and ballerinas. I don’t mind spending big on a good pair. Moreso, it’s usually hard to find my shoe size, so I end up shopping for plenty abroad.

What can’t you leave the house without?

A pair of shoes is always in the car and an extra outfit because you just never know what might happen. Those random days usually turn out to be the opposite of what you expected, but you still have to slay it right.

What’s your go-to comfortable look in the house?

You will probably find me in shorts and a crop top. I don’t wear much clothes when I’m home alone. I like to feel free thus I can go naked.

Tell us about your swimsuit line?

My swimsuit line is known as Zefrosa. I had traveled to Greece and realised that people in Europe are very keen on what they put on to the beach unlike in Africa.

So, I went to Dubai and did everything, from the logo to tailoring. We have designs for every size. I went for swimsuits since many people are concentrating more on basic clothes and shoes.

Why the name Zefrosa?

It is a Greek word meaning ‘the wind blows towards the west’. I felt like it suited the swim wear.

Where do your get your fashion inspiration from?

I watch E! Fashion Police, their red carpet moments and the simple DIYs.

Latest beauty discovery?

I love being natural. I can leave the house with make-up free face and feel confident about it. I’m also starting to embrace the matte lipstick, especially the Melebaci brand by Nouba.

What do you look for in a man when it comes to style?

I have a thing for watches. I can tell a man’s sense of style by the kind of watch on his wrist.

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