If only more matatu touts were like Duncan, the world and Nairobi would definitely be a much better place.

Duncan, who plies Nairobi’s route 33, is the latest Kenyan to cause a furor on social media for all the right things. The conductor not only conducts matatu activities, but he also conducts prayers for his commuters every morning.

Clad in Embassava Sacco uniform, he preaches for a while urging his customers to always remember God in everything they do.

“I normally remember God each and every time sababu najua isipokuwa ni yeye singekuwa mahali nilipo asubuhi hii ya leo, na singekuwa pia na hii kazi. Hii kazi unajua inakuwa na changamoto mingi sana na tunaifanya tu kwa neema na Mungu akikuongoza hakuna mahali huwezi fanyia kazi sababu umeweka Mungu mbele,” says Duncan.

He then proceeds to pray for blessings in the lives of his commuters and thanking God for guiding them to board his vehicle.

In the end, Duncan bids the commuters farewell and wishes them a good day.

Here is the video: