safaricomcustomercareJust in case your faith in humanity was diminishing, we have something that might help restore it.

A Safaricom customer care representative is the talk of the town after a photo of her incredible service to a customer went viral on social media yesterday.

The photo shows the lady, identified as Pauline, down on her knees attending to a disabled customer at a Safaricom branch in Nakuru town.


Some social media reactions:

Rachael Wambui: “God bless you beautiful Pauline.”

Khamadi Murila: “This is quite exceptional.”

Baba Mark:Good heart indeed….”

Frank Frovi: “Hongera dada mwenye hekima. Nani kama wewe?”

Rashid Abdi Nur: “Tears on my eyes.”

Aquino Corazon: “this is i what I call superior service. The customer is a boss. May God bless this woman.”

Lenah OA: “Wow this lady deserves a recognition what a humble Servant she is.God Bless and Open great doors for her.”

James Ndege: “Her mum must be very proud. Good example to many.”

Cynthia Alusa: “Excellent customer service.”

Stanley K. Stancy: “Very few can be compared to her …Congrats gal keep that spirit.”

Michaels Gitira Churchill: “how i wish watu wa multichoise dstv wangekua hivyio.”

Kiprotich Clive:This a good example to the young generation and generation to come… Exemplary simplicity… U have won my heart girl….. This should be known far end to CEO safaricom until she be known.. Kazi kwetu.”

Robert Sang: “That should be on a bill board or next advert congrats.”

Betty Karimi:This needs to go viral. Very touching.”

Jepchumba Mercy:Wah just teared.”

Yule Mukuru Hivi Hivi:Safaricom, she deserves promotion.”

Junior Owiti:huyo ni lightskin kweli,vile wao huringa ni kama wanakunia pizza.”

Emily Okemwa:I love her Mwaaaaaaaaaaaa …urembo check tabia check thanks dada …Very few can do that.”

Jack Zollo:Wife material kabsaa next time nikienda naks ntamtafuta n tip her heavily.”

Justin Juma J Magoba:Is she married?”

Susan Malombo:Yaani we’re so used to mediocrity mpaka when someone does the right thing it becomes news!!!”

Japheth Mutungi:Good job Pauline…but safaricom does the exact opposite to the rest of us.”