The Nation Media Group yesterday came under attack on Twitter after the Afya House corruption story was deleted from the Business Daily website.

For some time, visiting the link brought a 404 page, but that was rectified and the story re-published.


There were some claims that some strings were pulled at the twin towers in an attempt to bury the story, and pulling it down from the servers was the first step.

However, it’s also likely that it was a business decision to sell more copies.

According to reports, thousands of copies of the Business Daily were literally swept off the streets on Wednesday between 4 and 5 am by persons determined to ensure the public did not read about the new scandal. At least one man was seen driving to the various vendors in different streets purchasing all copies of the paper.

Perhaps they learnt a thing or two from Kiambu Senator Wamatangi who bought and burned hundreds of copies of the Nairobian newspaper in 2014. The paper had published a story of the senator raping his housegirl.

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In an unprecedented move, Nation Media printed more copies of the Business Daily in the afternoon probably hoping this time they’ll not be bought in bulk giving the public access to the information. Temporarily unpublishing the story from their site may have been done to compel people to buy the hard copy.




In the story, more than Sh5 billion have been stolen in the Ministry of Health, in a scandal quite similar to the NYS scandal.

The scandal involved payments of millions of shillings to phony suppliers in the financial year 2015/2016. Among the fraudulent transactions was Sh889 million meant to be disbursed to counties for the free maternity care programme.

One of the recipients of the cash was Esaki Ltd, the company owned by former Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) chairman Philip Kinisu. It received Sh150 million of the diverted cash. The whole story is available on Business Daily.