the-spreadNot even Ezekiel Mutua can stop ‘popular lesbian celebrities’ Nini Wacera and Kaz Lucas from airing their controversial sex podcast.

The KFCB boss made headlines in late August in a bid to ban the podcast dubbed ‘The Spread.’ He even went as far as calling them ‘popular lesbian celebrities’.

In an interview with Larry Madowo on The Trend, Nini and Kaz revealed that the programme was not banned from the What’s Go0d Network as insinuated by Ezekiel, and that they were airing independently.

Fast forward to today and the ‘sex positive feminists’ are continuing with their great work of educating the masses on sexual matters.

They are currently working on a new project that has already got tongues wagging and imaginations running wild.

Photos shared on the interwebs show the two working on the project from a bed. They have not revealed what the project is all about but captions on the photos hint at something sizzling.

“We’re working on something for you. You’re gonna like it.. Just stay tuned”


“What could we possibly be up to???”