Residents try to access the house of a man who killed himself, his wife and his child in Wote Town, Makueni County, on October 30, 2016. Photo: Nation

Tragedy struck a family of three in Wote Town, Makueni County on Sunday after a man stabbed his wife and daughter before taking his own life by setting their house on fire.

Makueni OCPD Benjamin Osongo said nthe couple had quarrelled before the incident.

“Preliminary reports indicate that a man, a woman and a three year old girl have died in the house,” Mr Osongo told Nation.

According to a neighbor, the couple had relocated to the area a month ago and that they lived in harmony until the incident occurred.

Witnesses said that they heard cries from the house of the woman begging the man not to stab her minutes before the house burst into flames.

Rescuers were unable to access the house since it had been locked from inside, and gained access from the roof after the fire had subsided.

The bodies of the three victims were taken to Makueni Referral Hospital mortuary.