magufuliTanzania’s president John Magufuli will make his maiden trip to Kenya today. Since he was elected in 2015, Magufuli has made only 2 foreign trips, namely Rwanda and Uganda.

Relations between the Kenya and Tanzania have been on a downward spiral, and some hard positions taken by Tanzania have not helped.

Early this month, Tanzania distanced itself with plans to have a common visa among the East African Community countries. This was supposed to increase tourist numbers by making it easier for them to move around the region.

Magufuli and other Tanzanian government officials have also been making thinly veiled swipes at Kenya. During the launch of Kigamboni Bridge in April this year, the no-nonsense president just came short of calling Kenyans ‘thieves and liars’.

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President Kenyatta and Magufuli will hold bilateral talks at State House before addressing a joint press conference.

It is reported that Uhuru will seek Tanzania’s support in the matter of Amb. Amina Mohamed’s candidature for AU chairperson.