jichoThere were some reports yesterday that Tanzanian President John Magufuli had flown economy class in an Ethiopian Airlines plane.

Anti-government bloggers and journalists led by Moha Jicho Pevu tweeted pictures of Magufuli aboard the plane, with the caption, “Tanzanian President on board Ethiopian Airlines Economy class but going on official duty. A rare breed of African leaders emerging.”


But did Magufuli really fly economy? The answer is No.

The pictures were taken last week as the Tanzanian President was launching two planes belonging to Air Tanzania. The plane did not even leave the ground with Magufuli on board.

Despite being corrected by many of those commenting, Mohammed Ali refused to make the correction, cementing his reputation as unapologetically one-sided. He does not let facts come in the way of a good anti-government story.

And for the record, Uhuru launched a bigger KQ plane, a Dreamliner.