machaMachakos County is the first Kenyan county to be pothole-free on its tarmac roads according to governor Dr. Alfred Mutua.

The governor made the official announcement on Thursday 6th as he introduced a short code in which residents can send messages to report a pothole in the county.

He said potholes will be sealed when they are the size of a coin within 48 hours.

“Today I declare Machakos a pothole free county. This makes us the only county with smooth tarmac roads 24/7. It is disturbing to know a pothole costs the taxpayer more money if left to become the size of a shoe, mtungi or car,” said Mutua.

“We have introduced a short code 22502 which I encourage wananchi to send messages with details of the road and location of a pothole to ensure the road maintenance team manages it before it escalates into a bigger pothole.

Potholes in Machakos will be sealed when they are the size of a coin  within 48 hours,” declared Mutua.

He added that the initiative is part of the Maendeleo Chap Chap movement.

“This is part of the Maendeleo Chap Chap paradigm that is also witnessing ongoing construction of 10 new tarmac roads and grading and maintaining to motorable levels over 3,000 kilometers of roads in Machakos County.”

Below is a video: