paleGospel singer Size 8 is the perfect example of how God’s presence in someone’s life can truly transform them. As such, the former secular singer has released a new song about how far the Lord has brought her.

The song is titled ‘Pale Pale’, and with less than hours since it’s release, the reception has been wild.

According to Size 8, the song is a ‘dear testimony.’

“The far i have come is by the grace of God. To me this is a song that is dear to me its a testimony or rather a story of how far God has brought me and how His grace has sustained me. Nobody but God has done it for me all glory and honor goes back to him. Please remember that where you are is not by your power by the grace of God be humble and grateful.

Father Lord thank you for the miracle that is my life. Amen,” explains Size 8.

Watch below the amazing ‘Pale Pale’ video: