latrineNarok Town residents were left in shock after a teen mum threw a two-week old infant in a 30 feet latrine and fled the scene Wednesday, September 1.

eDaily reports that workers at a Narok Town slaughterhouse spotted the woman, believed to be in her late teens, visiting a pit latrine while carrying a wrapped baby but came out without it.

A revenue officer, responding to cries of an infant that was emanating from the latrine, was joined by workers from the slaughterhouse in the rescue mission.

It took the intervention of police to successfully rescue the baby. They used a long rod that they hooked on the baby’s swaddle to remove it alive.

The infant had a piece of cloth tightened around its neck and the head was bleeding.

Police rushed the baby to Narok County Referral Hospital for emergency treatment.

The suspect remains at large.

Here’s a video of the rescue, courtesy of Citizen TV