Amos and Josh

If you have been paying any keen attention to the Kenyan Music scene, then you would notice that one of its key stakeholders has been missing. I’m talking about Amos and Josh the musical duo that first made a mark in the industry when they emerged 2nd during Tusker Project Fame Season 6.

Over time they have continued to take the music industry by storm going ahead to do a collabo with Sauti Sol, the song Nerea which made a hallmark in the industry. After awing us with that hit, they took a step back into oblivion not to be heard or seen.

Apparently they did not take a vacation, they were busy infatuated and confused by love. Not literally of course, but they have been busy working on their latest album, The Contrast. The series is a musical work of art by the duo –Amos, Josh- and Bruce Odhiambo. Created to invoke different emotions, “Contrast” documents the story of a young man in love with a girl, and how this infatuation with her sets off a chain of events, gradually revealing a greater web of lies, deceit and regret.

Bruce Odhiambo
Bruce Odhiambo

As at now, Amos and Josh have released the first two songs in the series.

Moto moto features a young mechanic (played by Amos), who falls in love with a young girl but he doesn’t declare his intentions right away.

Dansi Nami is a sequel to Moto Moto that features Amos bumping into his dream girl and confessing his desire for her. He tries to win her love by offering her gifts.

The third single, Kupe which is actually my favourite is scheduled to drop mid September and is about Amos who shows off His love to East Africa but also ends up to be some kind of burn out in dancing from the three Countries. It features Ben Pol from Tanzania and Lily from Uganda.

Nairobi Wire had a sit down with Bruce Odhiambo as to why he took so long to produce a group and why exactly he chose Amos and Josh. According to him, the group is interesting to work with and most importantly they are very talented. “Dealing with an artist is like dealing with a 7 year old so when you find an artist who is humble and willing to listen, that ignites something in you” He further added.

Amos on the other hand is pretty excited and he terms Contrast as the best thing they have done so far. “We are really excited about Contrast. The bulk of the work is already done and we are releasing the singles in bits to create suspense before the big album launch soon,” he said.