Mark Zuckerberg has posted rare pictures of Facebook’s secretive server farm, Luleå data center in northern Sweden.

He says that he will be posting more pictures of their other data centres over the next few months.

”Over the next few months, I’m going to start posting some rare photos of the most advanced technology Facebook is building around the world.

We’re starting deep in the forests of northern Sweden with the Luleå data center. It’s a key part of our global infrastructure, and it uses a variety of local natural resources to increase efficiency and save power.” he wrote.

Zuckerberg continued, ”The small town of Luleå is less than 70 miles south of the Arctic Circle, and it’s typically pretty cold. The temperature in the area is below 50 degrees most days, so we use large fans to pull in the outside air to naturally cool the thousands of warm servers that line the center’s broad hallways. A dozen hydro-electric plants operate on nearby rivers, providing a reliable and renewable power source. The whole system is 10% more efficient and uses almost 40% less power than traditional data centers.

Inside, the main building is the size of six football fields. Nearly all the technology in the facility, from the servers to the power distribution systems, is based on Open Compute Project designs as well.

You probably don’t think about Luleå when you share with friends on Facebook, but it’s an example of the incredibly complex technology infrastructure that keeps the world connected. I’m looking forward to sharing photos of more of our advanced technology soon.”

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Here are some pics.

These enormous fans draw in the outside air to cool the tens of thousands of servers in the data hall. In the winter, when temperatures plunge to -30 degrees the situation is reversed, and the heat from the servers warm the massive buildings.data1

Jay Park, VP of Data Center Design and Construction

About 150 people work here, but the data halls are frequently empty. Because of the simplified design, Facebook need only one technician for every 25,000 servers.


The main data hall is so big that engineers move around on scooters. data4

Old and obsolete hard drives are crunched, forever protecting privacy. Christer Jonsson is in charge of this important task. “I must be very careful,” he says.



“The biggest challenge working here? Getting to the data center by car when it is -30 degrees C outside!”
– Emilie De Clercq, Data Center Techniciandata6

“Look at these racks, the network devices, the cabling. Everything is like reference model!”
– Max Zavyalov, Network Engineer in Edge & Network Services team data7

Luleå is a small coastal town just south of the Arctic Circle, and near the top of the world. It’s surrounded by dense forests and icy rivers.data8