A seeming troubled Kenyan woman has shocked social media users with harrowing posts of her intent to kill her baby in order to get a husband.

Jackline Jepng’etich, posted to Facebook her frustrations with her marriage-less life over the weekend.

“who is going to marry me with this baby or I kill her right away ndo niolewe (Who is going to marry me with this baby or I kill her right away so I can get married),” Reads one of her posts.

Social media influencer, Xtian Dela, kicked off the hashtag #SaveJacklineJepngetichFromMurder, in an attempt to help the troubled lady.

He wrote:

“Hi Guys,

A friend of mine brought this to my attention just a few minutes ago. It’s my hope and prayer that Jackline hasn’t killed this beautiful soul yet.

Life is precious. Life is a gift. Children are a blessing, even if we may not see it at times. We all go through problems and issues. Some far much worse that you can possibly imagine. We lose a lot and comes a time that life knocks you down and you just feel hopeless and want to quit, throw in the towel and just let it all go.

Yes! We all go through that. One thing I believe though is that no matter how hard knocks you down, you can always dust yourself, wake up and move on. Life, my good friends is dear. Life is Precious. Many families out there are fasting and praying for just the simple blessing to have a child.

I am not here to point fingers and blame Jackline because I don’t fully understand the pressure and depression she is going through but I believe deep down in my heart that Killing that beautiful little soul will not solve her problems.

I plead with you, if you read/see this post, please help share and tag as many friends as you can. Please help spread the word and help save Jackline’s baby. Let’s spread the word to get Jackline Jepngetich some Counselling.

Your share and Tag might save this beautiful soul. I just hope and pray that we are not late.


Below are some of Jepng’etich’s post, which have since been pulled down: