hiltonA 27 year old Kenyan woman was found dead at Hilton Hotel on Thursday morning after a night out with friends.

Nairobi Central OCPD Paul Wanjama said the woman had left an entertainment joint in Westlands with her boyfriend, an American pilot with EgyptAir before they went to the hotel in the morning.

They were also in the company of her lady friend.

Nairobi Police Boss Japheth Koome said her body was discovered by the boyfriend and her friend when they went to check on her.

“The incident took place when the woman who is Kenyan and her boyfriend were at the Hilton hotel where they had checked in at dawn. They had been partying during the night and had frequented two clubs in Westlands,” Koome said.

“The three were in their room when the lady decided to go for a swim. The boyfriend and the other friend later came out and found her in the swimming pool,” Koome said as quoted by Capital.

Police retrieved the body and took it to a city mortuary.