bobKTN News anchor Betty Kyalo might be a savage on twitter to her followers who make moves on her, but she could not the resist the charms of Safaricom Boss Bob Collymore in a past interview.

Last Friday, during KTN News ‘Friday Briefing’, the popular news presenter hosted the Safaricom boss to interview him about the recently concluded Safaricom Jazz Festival.

Being a chilly night at the festival held at Uhuru gardens, Bob showed just how much of a gentleman he is by offering Betty his leather jacket.

“You know, if my grandmother was alive she would not allow me to sit here and watch you be so cold. I have to give you my jacket. Can I give you my jacket? You look very cold..Is that okay?” Bob said.

“Okay, that’s really kind of you Bob,” an amused Betty responded.

Bob proceeded to take off his jacket and covered Betty.

Here’s that video, courtesy of KTN News