The Mombasa Awards went down over the weekend at Azura lounge. Leading and upcoming stars in the coastal city came in droves, hoping to go home with some of the awards up for grabs, among them Best New Artist, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist and best DJ.

Everything was going as planned with little or no discontent from the crowd or nominees, until it was time to dish out the actual trophies.

What the organizers unleashed is easily the ugliest trophy you’ve ever seen. Awards Founder Douglas Mickie took inspiration from the BET trophy, but it turned out more like that short, fat, dark and ugly brother. The trophy was chopped wood with uneven edges and a rough finish. Some black oil was splashed on it to make it a bit presentable, but it couldn’t be saved.


Instead of printing or engraving words on the trophy, it looks like they got a primary school kid with a worse than average handwriting to scribble some words.

Just when you thought it could not possibly get worse, one artist happened to drop his ‘trophy’, and it broke into multiple pieces.


However, all is not lost.

Joe Kariuki,the President of Candy and Candy Records has decided to re-award everyone that one with a new, more presentable trophy made by a fine artist.

“I was at the Awards ceremony and even presented an Award as a special guest. I saw the trophies. They were horrendous. I gave therefore decided to offer each and every winner a whole new trophy made by my team – a shiny piece of metal made from the finest stones and iron and sculpted with the finest artistry in town. You will tell the difference… ” he said.