As the rich look for ways to make more money and safeguard it, security becomes paramount.

Successful businessmen make lots of enemies as they climb up the social ladder, and it is not uncommon to hear of assassinations, especially in Nairobi and Mombasa.

For a few hundred thousands, a rival can hire a hitman and you’ll be dead within the hour. We’ve even heard recently of wives who plotted to kill their husbands for the money.


For those who can afford it, there’s no shortage of private security personnel, trained for hostile situations. We’ve found a video by a local company called G1 Tactical Solutions Kenya.

G1 Tactical offers a range of security services for individual and corporate clients. They also offer investigative and surveillance/counter-surveillance solutions to the private as well as the corporate sector.


From things like suspected cheating wife/husband, financial matters, pre-employment verification, background profile checks, computer crimes, missing persons, premarital screening… basically everything you see in movies.

This kind of business is not very ‘Kenyan’ right? Starting such a sophisticated security firm is not something many Kenyans would consider. You get a few hundred million, you open a mall.

That explains why the CEO of G1 Tactical is an expat who spent many years in the US Marine Corps.

Here’s the video from their ‘Vehicle Tactics’ training.

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