shishaA civil society has said that the government should ban shisha, miraa and mogoka in order to curb the current schools unrest.

The activists under Haki Africa blames the substances on the recent wave of arson attacks in secondary schools.

According to executive director Hussein Khalid, such substances are the cause of the rise in criminal activities and unruly tendencies.

“Young men and women are reported to be engaging in crime at the community levels with devastating effects. Besides killing and maiming, others are reported to have taken to sexually immoral activities including sucking breasts of their victims,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

Haki Africa said youths who use shisha, miraa and mogoka are highly likely to indulge in harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

“Banning the use of Miraa, Mogoka and Shisha may be the key to addressing the current spate of youth violence being witnessed all over the country”.

The activists have asked county governments to outlaw the substances .

They are also urging Kenyans to support the ban.