This simple brain teaser will help evaluate your logical reasoning.

  • A genius can crack this one in just 10 seconds.
  • Bill Gates is said to have solved it in 20 seconds.
  • Harvard University alumni can do it in 40 seconds.
  • If you’ve found the right answer in two minutes, you are among the 15% of people who are the most intellectually gifted.
  • 75% of people found this puzzle impossible to solve and asked for a clue.

Here are five different shapes. The question is simple:


Click below to see the answer.


Shape 1

Explanation: At first you feel like the odd one out is the only green one. BUT…

What about the lonely circle?

Or the single small square?

Or the only shape with no border?

In the process of elimination, you’ll realize that the odd one out is the shape on the left, because it’s the only one that is not an odd one out!

The leftmost shape is special because it is not special. Congrats to those who found the solution! Make good use of your keen eye and extraordinary logical abilities.