equityA man in Naromoru is still in shock after gunmen drained half a million Shillings from his bank account.

Samuel Mwangi, a clinical officer in the area, was robbed off Sh500,000, which was contributions to his wedding scheduled for next Saturday.

On Friday evening, Mr. Mwangi left his place of work as usual, when he was approached by three ‘Good Samaritans’ who offered him a lift. He needed to get to his parents home in Nanyuki before travelling to Mombasa for final wedding arrangements, so he accepted the offer.

He got suspicious when the vehicle turned to a different route, but the driver explained to him that they had to pick another passenger before proceeding to their destination. A fourth man boarded the vehicle just as the driver told him. This is the man who ‘put him to sleep’ by covering his head with a cloth soaked in an inhalant anesthetic.

“I was unconscious for about 30 minutes and when I recovered, I found out that we were in a forested area and one of the men was holding a gun to my face. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t provide the PIN for my Equity Bank Internet account,” narrated Mr Mwangi.

The doctor continued to narrate how the gang had a laptop with an internet connection, and had partly slit his throat to show him they meant business.

Upon extracting the PIN from him, they wired out all the money and later dumped him at a deserted area where he was picked up by a boda boda rider.

He was left to wonder how they knew private details, like his account number and that he had an internet account.

“What surprised me is that they did not ask for my account number or whether I had an internet account.  I think the criminals had been provided with my details and they only wanted my PIN to transfer all the money I had,” he stated.

Investigations are on going with police trying to trace where the money was transferred to.