carolineRenowned investigative journalist Mohammed Ali has hit out at Caroline Mutoko, months after the former radio personality bashed his exposé on the late Jacob Juma.

The former radio presenter was one of the high profile public figures to express her disappointment with the expose titled, ‘Kaburi La Wazi.’ Caroline took issue with the alleged shaming of Cheryl Gitonga, the lady who was seen last with the slain businessman.

“I have a lot of time for Mohammed Ali and his work – BUT what he did to that young girl in his latest expose is unacceptable. Jacob Juma’s death took a back seat to a side show on a 20something year old girl who didn’t deserve to be served up on a cutting board. Moha I am deeply disappointed. Deeply,” said Caroline back in May.

Following the release of part II of the exposé which aired on Monday this week, Moha has responded to Caroline Mutoko.

He posted a photo in which he is seen with the supposed shamed Cheryl, and captioned it, “Dear Caroline Mutoko plz watch kaburi la wazi part 2 . Investigative journalism is not parroting. Tunaelewa feelings zako!”



In part II of the investigative series, Cheryl speaks extensively about her relationship with Jacob Juma. She discloses how the two met, why she visited his house in Westlands and what transpired after that.

“I met Jacob Juma on Thursday, May 5, at an Mpesa shop, I had gone to withdraw some money to buy stew since I had carried plain rice,” she said.

“He entered seeking to stop an Mpesa transaction (sic). I stepped aside for him to finish his transaction. He later saw me, asked my name, and number, I gave him my number since i figured he could help me in my business interactions,” she added.

Cheryl said she met with Juma again that fateful evening in Westlands for a business meeting.

“He called me for a business meeting, we met for a while then he offered to drop me in town, outside Trattoria.”