mosesGatundu South legislator Moses Kuria is best known for his controversial statements and political bickering, but the legislator’s development records hardly make any headlines.

On Monday, the MP in marking two years since he was sworn in as MP, published on his official Facebook page his achievements over the last 24 months.

He wrote, “This week marks exactly two years since I was sworn in as the member of parliament for Gatundu South. Looking back at the last 24 months, I thank God Almighty for the strides we have taken. These 24 milestones in 24 months are clear testimony of God’s favour to me and the people of Gatundu South.”

Here’s the full list:

1) When i got in there were only 10 boarding schools. Today we have 29. 19 New Boarding Schools in 2 years

2) 84% of Gatundu residents have electricity in their homes. We have so far connected 12,000 homes with the rest of 2,500 by end of this month

3) When i got into office there was no National Cereals & Produce Board Office in Gatundu. I got one in less than 2 months and from then our farmers pay maximum of Ksh 1,800 per bag thus increasing maize,tea and coffee production

4) When i got into the office our people were travelling to Thika for lands transactions. Today we have lands registry in Gatundu that serves both Gatundu South and Gatundu North

5) Every year since I was elected pupils who score over 350 marks in KCPE are taken for motivational tour to Mombasa

6) Since I got into office parents do not pay for continous exams and mocks. We pay for all pupils from Class 1 to Class 8

7) I started a new secondary school Gachoka Secondary and 2 primary schools Karembu and Guthunguchu with a third primary school Ichaweri starting next month

8) Construction and tarmacking of Kenyatta Road-Gatundu-Kangoo road, Nembu Gachika road and Kibichoi-Nembu-Ichaweri road is currently ongoing at a remarkable pace

9) We are currently opening up direct access to Nairobi-Nakuru Highway from both the Nembu-Gachika and GSU-Mundoro roads

10) Construction of Gatundu Technical Training Institute is 50% complete

11) Kenya Medical Training College Gatundu campys opened its doors to the first class of 60 in December 2015

12) Moi University Mama Ngina campus handed over the Mutomo site to the contractor last week for the construction to start

13) We have the NYS programme in progress which has employed 3,200 community youth

14) We have built over 6 AP and Police Posts since i took over

15) We have built a new Divisional Headquarters at Kiamwangi and posted a Divisional Officer (DO) in every ward

16) The Wamwangi-Wanugu road will be advertised for tarmacking this month

17) The tender for tarmacking the following roads is almost closing:

a) Juja-Mukinye-Gatundu
b) Mukinye-Wamwangi
c) Magomano-Gaitheche-Ituru
d) Gatundu-Ituru-Karinga
e) Gatundu-Icaciri-Karinga
f) Kagema-Karatu
g) Kimanga-Gathage
h) Kahuguini-Gathage
i) Gatitu-Gitare-Gitwe
j) Kiamwangi-Muhoho-Kagunyi

18) We have built a new health centre at Chura

19) We have constructed a perimeter wall at Kimunyu Stadium in preparation for new surface. Karatu stadium upgrading to International standards by the end of the year

20) We are about to embark on the first phase of Rwabura Irrigation scheme that will benefit 10,000 households in Gatundu South

21) We are now pursuing a partnership with African Development Bank to build a modern sewerage system in Gatundu town especially with the opening of the new modern facilities at Gatundu Level 4 Hospital

22) We are about to start with Kenya Power a project to put up security lights in all our shopping centres and street lighting in all our major roads

23) We are putting up 2 fish ponds in every primary and secondary school in partnership with NYS

24) In partnership with Rivatex and Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) , we are putting up uniforms manufacturing centres at Kiganjo and Kagumoini polytechnics that will supply uniforms to school and churches in Gatundu, rest of Kenya and within COMESA region.