tomBy Ciku Muiruri

On Tom Cholmondeley: First of all condolences to his family and friends.
I have seen some very angry, bitter posts about this man and numerous press articles re-living why we hate him so much. I think we have been very hard on the lad because he was a white, privileged boy. It’s hard to shed a tear over a guy like this, why lie?

He shot two Africans, dropped them like their lives meant nothing – And mostly got away with it. But did he? Yes, the rich fascinate us. More so because of the perception that they are above the law. But guess what? Who isn’t in Kenya, if you have money? Isn’t Pattni above the law? Total Man? Anglo leasing ghosts?

We talk of the land the Cholmondeleys as colonialists took from us. How much land has been irregularly allocated and outright stolen by our fellow Africans? How many shadowy deals have been done over the years to rip off public coffers? How many people have been KILLED by our fellow Africans? How many heroes slain for doing their job well? JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko and others?

There was no white man who did all that to us, we have managed to do it to ourselves. In many ways, we would have been better off if these white men we hate so much had stayed to rein in this truly sad self-destructive mode.

Don’t be hypocrites, Kenya. Our true freedom fighters never ruled, never benefitted, and never tasted the fruits of freedom they fought for. It’s not black vs. White. It’s not one tribe vs. another. It’s the Rich vs. the Poor. Not just in this country but EVERYWHERE in the world. The rich do not pay for crimes the same way the rest of us do. You know why? They can afford damn good lawyers, for one. Also Public Relations firms to clean up their tainted image. They can make campaign contributions to elected officials, bribe cops and judges for lenient sentences. The playing field is simply not the same.

Let Tom rest. His crimes, real or imagined will not be judged by us but by his Maker. Any good deeds he did over his lifetime, may ultimately account for more if he repented before he died. Don’t we all pray before a major surgery? Do you know if he did? Last laugh on you if he ends up in heaven and you don’t because you continue to spew so much hate.

If God forbid, one day my daughter turns out to be a serial killer or a gangster, I pray that when she dies, you will allow me to mourn her in peace. What does it benefit you to torment his family with your hateful words? He is gone. If an eye for an eye is what you craved, don’t you already have it? A mother has lost her son. Show some respect.