huddah9Two weeks ago, Nairobi socialite turned businesswoman Huddah Monroe entered into a partnership with beautician Diana Akech for a noble mission for cancer patients.

The mission involves handing out wigs and giving makeovers to cancer patients. Diana Aketch, through the Pink Butterfly Foundation has been doing it for a while, and only recently did Huddah Monroe join the campaign.

Huddah expressed her delight with the mission saying, “Everyday of my life ever since I was a kid . I Had always even on my sad days wanted to put a smile on someone’s face. And just let them know they have a friend they can lean on and that friend is me no matter how far we were. Thanks to Dees hair and Beauty Salon for giving me that privilege of being part of PINK Butterfly Foundation. Finally I can put a smile on people’s faces. Thank you.”

Last week they got to work and put smiles on cancer patients by giving them makeovers and wigs.

Here are the photos: