bloody-knifeA 21-year-old woman on Tuesday stabbed her boyfriend to death over cheating claims in Kamukunji Estate in Eldoret town.

24 year old Paul Gateru died on the spot after Jane Nzisa, his girlfriend of three-and-a half years, stabbed him three times on the chest.

The 9pm incident reportedly happened when the deceased got home from work and they were heard quarreling from inside their locked room.

The couple’s neighbour, Naomi Muthoni, said she and other neighbors were attracted to the scene when Gateru screamed in pain. The neighbours then demanded that Nzisa open the door to find out what had transpired.

Nzisa tried to flee from the scene but was accosted by neighbors.

She then led the crowd inside a room where Gateru was found lying on the floor while facing up, a kitchen knife stuck on his chest and blood soaking his shirt.

Nzisa defended herself saying that Gateru had been cheating on her and got a child from the affair.

She said she was bitter because she had sacrificed a lot for the relationship, including losing ties with her parents who were against the union, and that she dropped out of school to get married to him.

Nzisa is being held at Central Police Station in Eldoret town.