kuA Kenyatta University student has killed himself in Migori county after losing a football bet.

According to a suicide note left behind, the young man decided to end his life after gambling and losing Sh80,000 meant to pay his school fees. He was found hanging at his family’s home in Uriri area on Wednesday evening.

The bet was in the Euro match between Germany and Italy. He bet ‘wisely’ by backing both sides to win. Reportedly, he divided his money into two batches of Sh20,000 each. In one bet he backed Germany to win and Italy in the other. It is common practice for punters to spread their money among various outcomes to increase their chances of winning.

For instance, if either team won in this case, the student would have lost one bet but still made some profit resulting from the winnings of the other.

However, this type of bet is a ’90 minute’ bet. The game ultimately ended in a draw in normal time, and the student lost both bets.

Confirming the incident, Migori police boss David Kirui said that the young man was in Nairobi when the game was played, but went home to kill himself.

“He watched the game in Nairobi but, after losing, decided to come back home, where he took his life,” he said.

He was rushed to Awendo Rapcom Hospital but it was too late.