kioFormer Ndaragwa Member of Parliament Jeremiah Kioni has been accused of plotting to ‘overthrow’ former President Mwai Kibaki as Party of National Unity (PNU) leader.
Party Chairman John Kamama accuses Mr. Kioni of trying to destroy the unity of the party.

Speaking to the Star newspaper in Nakuru on Wednesday, Kamama claimed Kioni, who had previously dumped the party for UDF, did not have authority to speak or make decisions on behalf of PNU.
“He has not even been to the grassroots and seeks to be the party leader. He should respect the structures that are in place and should not try to force himself in the party leadership,” he added.

Mr. Kamama further threatened to boycott a meeting called by the secretary general John Anunda in September, saying the right procedure was not followed.
“I have called for an urgent meeting with the officials slated for Thursday to discuss the way forward for the meeting. Anunda did not have any authority to call for a national delegation meeting especially since we did not have any sitting as PNU officials and as the chairman, I was not involved. He can only do this through the authority from me,” he added.