knhA woman stayed for a week with a dead foetus in her womb at a hospital in Nyeri County.

Ms Nancy Wairimu lost her seven-month pregnancy on July 6. It was finally removed on Wednesday at Kenyatta National Hospital after she was referred from Consolata Hospital in Mathari.

She lost the pregnancy due to suspected high blood pressure and a blood disorder that required an “emergency procedure” to remove the foetus and prevent infection from the unborn baby to the mother.

The mission hospital could not carry out the operation as it had no “fresh frozen plasma” that was needed for Ms Wairimu’s blood, which was low on the blood clotting cells: Platelets.

Consolata Hospital Nursing Officer-in-Charge Marion Kinaro said: “When we did our investigation and saw that the mother had low platelets, a very rare case, and we could not take her in for surgery because she needed a transfusion of fresh frozen plasma, of which we only had one pint that we gave her, we referred her to the KNH.”

After the successful surgery, Ms Wairimu’s husband, Mr Stephen Maina, 40, with whom she has a seven-year-old child said: “I am very happy that they saved my wife; she is now talking and I know she will get better.”

-Daily Nation