akothee1The ‘sponsors’ debate is one that has gripped the country for quite some time now.

It was made worse recently when gospel singer Jimmy Gait released the song ‘Yesu Ndie Sponsor.‘ As the debate continues, songstress Akothee has been smack in the middle of it, owing to her relationship with an older, richer man who has been spoiling her silly.

This week, she once again elicited reactions on social media when she posed interesting questions about the whole ‘sponsorship’ thing.

This was her full post:

“I wonder why the world is going crazy about sponsors, what’s wrong with a financially stable partner supporting her/ his partner financially? Why do you want your partner to be generous to spend time with you & you can’t be generous with your finances?

What’s wrong by raising a living standard of a partner you love & loves you ? Did sponsors kidnap anyone or people are there by choice ? Is it jealousy or formula of getting a sponsor sounds like arithmetic, why do you expect your boyfriend to take you out & pay bills ,is he also a sponsor?

The house you are living in, whose paying the rent ? Your husband / wife? is he your sponsor ? You are paying your own bills from whoever are you your own sponsor ?

Your parents are still paying your bills in your 20s are they your sponsor?

Eeeeeeish wake up , sponsored or not sponsored you are your own sponsor use your brain & respect every opportunity that comes along in your life , you can date the richest man in the world but if you don’t learn how to make your own money! remember you can’t inherit success. Hardwork + work smart + discipline + determination = Success earned .

Mad ngato luongna wuon baby ni sponsor


Your thoughts?