school fireBy Joe Mithamo

It’s hard to believe that it’s students alone who are burning these schools spontaneously. We must therefore ask ourselves very hard questions.

1.Who is coordinating the actions throughout the country?

2. Who is planning which schools to be burned on which day?

3.How is the information being communicated to the students if at all its them?

4.What are the student motives or grievances for burning the schools?

5. Why are the teachers not helping to prevent or detect arson attacks?
(In our days teachers were like police detectives, they could sniff trouble 2KM away)

6.Are the recent stringent measures introduced by Matiangi the reasons for the arson attacks?

(Matiangi banned holiday tuition and development levies which were cash cows for most principals)

7. Could the government refusal to award teachers 60-70% pay increments be connected to the arson attacks?

8. What is the connection with #‎TeachandGoHome‬?

9. Are the arson attacks politically instigated?

10. Are attacks connected to the 2017 general elections?

We must ask ourselves these hard questions.