dualeAden Bare Duale, Majority Leader of Kenya’s National Assembly is one of the more popular politicians in the country.

The former teacher, now member of parliament for Garissa Township was inducted into politics by Raila Odinga. He is now the most vocal defender of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee government and as a result has earned the tag sycophant.

But politics aside, Aden is one of the more wealthier politicians in the country. Together with his brother, Noor Barre, they have built their own empire in Garissa County.

They own Nomad Resort, the second upmarket hotel in the town besides other commercial ventures, which include the affiliate Nomad Hotel in Nairobi’s Eastleigh.

Mr Duale is also married to the daughter of retired General Mahmoud Mohammed, one of two families who own and control most of Garissa’s wealth.

As such, Duale lives large. A photo of his supposed house in Runda estate has surfaced online sending tongues wagging.

Check it out:

Aden-Duale Crib